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Words to Remember By

January 01, 2024

A solo show

Words to Remember By was a solo show consisting of three works, connected by the narrative of memory, identity, and storytelling. This show…

In Our Own Words

May 04, 2023

An altar for our small stories.

In Our Own Words is about the stories that make us who we are, and finding ways of sharing them. Part altar and part confessional, it was…

What I Can Remember

December 17, 2022

On photographs and memory

Photograph on acetate, laser-cut acrylic, rear-projected hand-drawn video What I Can Remember is an exercise in retelling stories. It…

what identities do you choose to wear

December 09, 2022

explorations in objecthood

what identities do you choose to wear? is an exploration in embodying memory and identity. Fragments of material are suspended in a clear…

p l a n t

June 21, 2022

A responsive kinetic sculpture

laser-cut ply // found materials // Arduino (Adafruit ESP32 Feather, Servos & Multiplexer) // MaxMSP // Kinect Azure p l a n t is a kinetic…

The Weave

April 04, 2022

Embroidery as embodying

Embroidery thread, acrylic yarn, repurposed canvas bag We are always weaving the cloth of life, entwining ourselves with others, spinning…

In & Against Conversation

March 07, 2022

When you can't find the words

In & Against Conversation was an experience created for Andrew Schneider’s Performing Reality class at ITP NYU, in collaboration with Megha…

Grim Grinning Ghosts

February 01, 2022

A spooky serenade

Inspired by my love for Disney Imagineering, this piece brings a taste of The Haunted Mansion to life. The experience surrounds a piece of…

Light as Medium

November 20, 2021

Exploring light with movement

Created in collaboration with Nunnapat ‘Spencer’ Ratanavanh and Bruce Mk Arthur. Light as Medium was an exploration in creating motion…


December 20, 2019

exploring self-recognition and meditation

Unclear is an exploration in self-recognition. In meditation, the only way to get a grasp on the Self is through letting go, allowing the…