p l a n t

A responsive kinetic sculpture

p l a n t

laser-cut ply // found materials // Arduino (Adafruit ESP32 Feather, Servos & Multiplexer) // MaxMSP // Kinect Azure

p l a n t is a kinetic sculpture that recognizes and responds to the presence of viewers.

This sculpture is set up to be unassuming, surrounded by other greenery. While at first it’s completely still, the leaves bend towards the viewer as they step closer. It was built to have no detectable sensors on the sculpture itself; instead, the piece leverages the natural disinclination to look up to hide a sensor directly overhead.

Image of a plant-like sculpture.

The leaves on this sculpture are all laser-cut craft plywood, cut with kerf allowing for flexible movement with spring-like tension.

Read my behind-the-scenes post to learn more about how I made this plant.


June 21, 2022