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CNC Entry Table

November 30, 2022

Exercise in parametric design & CNC fabrication

I wanted a catch-all table by my front door. It’s a narrow space with a few requirements: Fits in this area (14 inches wide) without…

Four Axis Milling

November 08, 2022

Yet another experiment

For this week’s skillbuilder, I started by thinking about what the advantages and limitations of the 4-axis are. Things the 4-axis is good…

Attempted Mallet

November 02, 2022

Playing with Plywood

This week’s attempt at a mallet was a series of failures experiments with plywood. Let me tell you, I came into this skillbuilder with the…

Turning Skillbuild

October 27, 2022

Getting back on that lathe

A little simpler this week, what with being out of town. I wanted to make a rough vacuform buck to test out some ideas for a styrene lamp. I…

A Side Table 01

October 12, 2022

A first crack at a CNC Plywood table

Check out this latest update for my CNC table! I want a side table as a catch-all table by my front door. It’s a narrow space with a few…

CNC Joinery Test

October 05, 2022

Testing joints made on the CNC

A quick CNC joinery test, in prep for my future side table. I’m inspired by this table: I decided to test out what the slat-to-base joint…

Catch All Tray

September 28, 2022

A Shopbot Skillbuilder

Inspired by these Thing Spots, I decided to mill out a simple tray. I found this solid piece of 1-inch thick ply in the “scrap” pile to…

Bantam Skillbuild 02

September 21, 2022

Finishing & Tolerances in Acrylic Milling

This week on the Bantam, I tried 3 new things: Milling & gluing acrylic Aiming for a press fit Sanding and finishing acrylic I aimed to…

Bantam Skillbuild 01

September 14, 2022

Desktop CNC Routing

Round 1 - Legacy Software Test I worked with Sammy and Lauren to do a simple first test, designing basic shapes in illustrator and cutting…

Router Skillbuild

September 02, 2022

Getting familiar with hand routing

This week’s adventure is working with the router. Inspiration & Planning I decided to riff on replicating the simple circle that we made in…