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A Dream for Adnan

November 10, 2022

With your eyes closed

A bespoke experience for Adnan, based on a dream he described to me. See last week’s moodboard for more context. The intention of the…

dreamscape moodboard

November 01, 2022

a moodboard for Adnan's dream

Adnan described a dream to me with a moody, noir attitude. It begins by the seaside; waves crashing, but not visible. It’s the knowledge of…

Readings ~ With Your Eyes Closed

November 01, 2022

Dialog in the Dark, Dream of the Red Chamber

Reflection on Dialog in the Dark, through [article]. How do you think of discomfort as site? It’s interesting to me that this exhibition…

Space To Place

October 18, 2022

An exercise in attention

This week, I created an experience in the Moynihan Tran Hall, Platform 13. The thing that struck me about Moynihan train hall was the stark…