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What I Can Remember

December 17, 2022

On photographs and memory

Photograph on acetate, laser-cut acrylic, rear-projected hand-drawn video What I Can Remember is an exercise in retelling stories. It…

what identities do you choose to wear

December 09, 2022

explorations in objecthood

what identities do you choose to wear? is an exploration in embodying memory and identity. Fragments of material are suspended in a clear…

Exercises in Intervention

November 17, 2022

Narrative and Obscuring

Explorations in narrative, and how interventions change experience. I began this set of exercises with this photo: one of many sent to me by…

Readings ~ Carrying Memory

November 10, 2022

Silent Hero, Nostalgia, Mediated Memories, La Sangre Es Una Semilla

In our heads alone, or in the keepsakes we gather around us? How do these memories age, change, mutate, transform, channel, accumulate…

Readings ~ Attention and Memory

November 01, 2022

Naomieh Joven, Ocan Vuong, Charlie Tyrell, Fabiola Ferrero

I’m struck by the idea of attention. What do we pay attention to, and how does it change that thing? Our experience of that thing? Using…

A Snapshot

October 28, 2022

Introduction to Medium of Memory

We viewed the chosen photos first without captions, then with. It reminded me of the “space to place” exercise we did in Outside the Box…