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Gatsby Post Generation

April 19, 2020

Simple bash scripting to generate Gatsby blog posts

In a classic case of ignoring XKCD’s advice, I threw together a simple script to generate Gatsby blog posts files. I’m sure other generating…

Twilio for Door Intercoms

November 12, 2019

Renters, woe no more.

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash Long story short, the apartment building I moved into has a rather old intercom, and doesn’t support…


October 05, 2019

shatter simulation

Shatter allows you all the anxiety of breaking your screen, with all the satisfaction of having done it on purpose. This experiment…


January 23, 2017

Where's OpenGL?

In a moment of command-blindness today, I managed to delete my entire repo of developing projects. No harm, of course — they were all git…

Stop Being the Intern

January 03, 2017

Make your summer count

By this point, the first round of fresh-faced CS students have signed their internship offers. Others are still biting nails, waiting for…