Blog posts and other documentation surrounding Leia's work at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, 2021 - 2023.

All ITP2021-2023~
Physical ComputingFall 2021Danny Rozin
HypercinemaFall 2021Marianne Petit
Visual LanguageFall 2021Su Hyun Kim
Out of Order StorytellingFall 2021Mia Rovegno and Kio Stark
Theme Park Engineering (IDM)Spring 2022Todd Bryant and Scott Fitzgerald
Performing RealitySpring 2022Andrew Schneider
Collective PlaySpring 2022Mimi Yin
HapticsSpring 2022Kate Hartman
ReplasticingSpring 2022Blair Simmons and Molly Ritmiller
SubtractionFall 2022Ben Light
Outside The BoxFall 2022Mia Rovegno
Medium of MemoryFall 2022Simone Salvo
ThesisFall 2022 - Spring 2023Luisa Pereira & Simone Salvo
Light & InteractivitySpring 2023Tom Igoe
Reading and Writing Electronic TextSpring 2023Allison Parrish
Paper EngineeringSpring 2023Sam Ita
Modern ArtifactsSpring 2023Ali Santana