Updated: Apr 2023

Leia is a new media artist and creative technologist based in Brooklyn. Currently a student at NYU ITP, they are focused on using both traditional and New media to explore alternative interfaces and interactive entertainment, as well as embodying and investigating the complexities of cultural identities in second-generation immigration.

Currently noodling: Racial Melancholia, Racial Dissociation, Prose Play, all of the things in my Digital Thesis Garden.

  • After the Imagination - 2023
  • Guest Speaker Geopositioning Genealogy (prof. Tanika I. Williams)| NYU ITP/IMA - 2023
  • Co-Curator Blanc Gallery | Useless Machines - 2023
  • Graduate Assistant Useless Machines (prof. Blair Simmons)| NYU IMA - 2023
  • Adjacent Issue 10: endoscope - 2023
  • Guest Critic Largescale Kinetic Sculptures (prof. Phil Caridi)| NYU ITP/IMA - 2023
  • Graduate Assistant Digital Fabrication (prof. Phil Caridi)| NYU IMA - 2022
  • SYZYGY SF | Sell Out Art Show - 2022
  • Facilitator Feedback Collective | NYU ITP - 2022-23