A Dream for Adnan

With your eyes closed

A Dream for Adnan

A bespoke experience for Adnan, based on a dream he described to me. See last week’s moodboard for more context.

Instructions to experience this dream:

- Place yourself in a dark room, sitting upright.
- Ensure that the screen is no farther than 15 inches from your face, at eye level
- Turn your screen brightness up.
- Put in headphones.
- Close your eyes, and press play.

Keep your eyes closed for the entire experience.

The intention of the experience is to abstractly suggest movement, and leave the impression of Adnan’s original dream narrative.

I began by re-creating the narrative in sound, using found and gathered clips to generate a sense of the oceanside, misty environment.

I then created a video controller in Touchdesigner that let me control yellow bars crossing a black screen. I choreographed this video to the soundtrack, and then exported and combined the two in Davinci Resolve.

If you decide to engage with the experience, please reach out and let me know how it goes.

Tools: Adobe Audition / Touchdesigner / Davinci Resolve

Materials: Audio clips found on FreeSound / What English Sounds Like to Non-English Speakers


November 10, 2022