Readings ~ With Your Eyes Closed

Dialog in the Dark, Dream of the Red Chamber

Reflection on Dialog in the Dark, through [article].

  • How do you think of discomfort as site?
  • It’s interesting to me that this exhibition/experience focuses on groups of people. The article mentions that the experience encourages teamwork and trust. What does this experience look like without the group? Without the guide?
  • “The only way to learn is through encounter.” What does online “encounter” look like? TikTok? YouTube? What makes change today?

Reflection on The Red Chamber, through [video], [article].

  • Subconsciousness as site; it occurs to me that subconsciousness is present as site in waking audiences as well as sleeping ones.
  • “I think some shows are really wonderful when you’re half-asleep, and it’s washing over you.” I love this. Kind of … person’s status as a thing to consider.
  • It’s hard for me to conceive of my work being transferred/experienced through sleep.


November 01, 2022