Nyan Herd

Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan

Nyan Herd

This week Linette, Leigh and I teamed up to bring forth a truly meme-y experience. Behold, the Nyan Herd.

In this experience you get to fly across the universe with your own personal herd of Nyan Cats. Leigh and Linette did the heavy lifting in Unreal, while I helped get it hooked into the Stewart Platform. The movements might be a little rough around the edges; we learned just how frustrating source control can be, and that left us little less time than we liked for the roll/yaw sequencing.

It’s hard to get on video, but we’re definitely playing the song. For full effect, play the song with the video I guess. We also truly apologize if it gets stuck in your head.

An earlier “hello world”:


March 09, 2022