Tip of the Tongue 004

Good Decisions, The Root of Knowledge, and more

TOTT — A snippet of what I’ve been thinking about, pockets of content for bite-sized consumption, not quite big enough to be pieces of their own. Think of this like a commonplace notebook, or a conversation starter. 9/26/17

Sometimes life catches up with you, and all the things that you’re excited about fall the the wayside. Welcome back.

Good Decisions

Somewhere along the line being an adult stopped meaning “making good decisions” and became “understanding the consequences of my bad decisions and making them anyway”

A quote from a good friend. He claims it was about eating ice cream, but I secretly think this was a thinly veiled piece of advice. You have to make peace with the consequences of your decisions. Sometimes there isn’t a right one to choose from. Sometimes no matter what you decide, bad things will happen.

And that’s all okay.

The Root of Knowledge

Some people have oceans of knowledge, but it’s against their nature to share. Others who have the confidence to share what they know seem to be more knowledgeable. The mistake is to assume that those who do not speak up do not know anything.

Something about being a 20-something

And Now for a Break

A Short Trip: An hand-drawn, interactive illustration about a tram driver, mountains, cloaked cats and everything in between.

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September 26, 2017